The Voe Jarl Returns…

We thought the Voe Jarl had left for foreign shores but, here she is, back in MacDuff again

The Voe Jarl Returns – Richard Broom Photography

The Voe Jarl sits in the corner and waits…

The Voe Jarl sits in the corner and waits – Richard Broom Photography

The Voe Jarl’s Bridge & Monkey Island

The Monkey Island is the bit that is normally on top of a ship’s bridge where all the aerials, radar scanners and ships horn (very loud) will be found.

You can see the Voe Jarl coming into MacDuff Harbour here.

The Voe Jarl Arrives…

I have a soft spot for the Voe Jarl – something of a cross between a tug and a workboat. The Voe Jarl arrived in MacDuff Harbour tonight. MacDuff Harbour and the town of MacDuff are extraordinarily quiet at the moment with all pubs and restaurants closed because of the virus. Let’s hope we get back to normal soon.

The Voe Jarl Arrives – Richard Broom Photography
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