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The Lady’s Birthday Underwear

I was looking for something different and something special for Sue’s birthday and I came across Yemmy Lingerie. Woo! This underwear, I thought, will blow her socks off and……….so it did!

Yemmy Lingerie is owned by Roxana Hivichiva and she sells on the Etsy website. Roxana lives in the Ukraine.

My somewhat revealing underwear selection for Sue shown below……(sorry, no images of Sue in her birthday underwear available the young lady in the image is a model!)

And so, if you’re looking for something just a little out of the ordinary and truly special for the woman in your life……then look no further!

Roxana tells me:

‘From childhood my hobby was sewing dresses for dolls. Getting older, I started to make clothes for myself in order to feel confidence, this wonderful feeling when yo u have your own unique style. And then I realised women feel comfortable and confident with beautiful lingerie, no matter what clothes you wear, more important what is under. 

Now I have a studio, where I can make elegant underwear for you! I’m excited with the idea of making you feel incredible woman. 

I’m pleased that my hobby became my job. And now my work can accentuate your natural beauty and uniqueness. Really hope you find here something especial.’

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