The Balconies

The Balconies

The Souk

The Souk

The Souk…

The Souk by the Photo Nomad

One building reflects another….

Just love the way the reflection of one building can be seen in the windows of another.  Another example of some of the impressive and imaginative architecture to be found in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Impressive Architecture – Dubai by The Photo Nomad

Up the Creek!!!!

Here are some folk who are well and truly up Dubai’s famous Creek.

Up the Creek in Dubai


It is also very hard to not to be drawn to the wonderful smells from the spice shops Dubai…


Hard not to be impressed…

It is hard not to be impressed by the World’s tallest building here in Dubai. Just one of many fabulous buildings. It’s like they have gathered together the World’s most impressive architects and let them loose in one place at more or less one time.

Burj Khalifa in Dubai

Dubai – City of Tall Buildings…

Dubai – tall buildings

Boats and Buildings – Dubai

Boats and Buildings – Dubai

Dubai Marina Area

Dubai….impressive architecture and they are still building out here….

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An unexpected view of things…

This is not exactly what I was expecting when I opened my Dubai hotel bedroom curtains this morning.  Nothing if not different!

Crane – Dubai

Dubai – first look

Arrived in Dubai 3am.  First images (taken using iPhone + a bit of Instagram magic):

Dubai hotel stairwell

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