The Tractor Boy

The Tractor Boy – Richard Broom Photography

The Hooker

The Hooker – Richard Broom Photography

The Smokey Tractor

The Tractor

The Tractor- Richard Broom Photography

The Other Sodding Tractor

Please see my previous post and then join me as I try to record the tranquil sounds of the River Deveron, near to Banff, Aberdeenshire, Scotland. It clearly isn’t my day for field recording! Today is a public holiday and I would expect any self-respecting farmers to take a day off. Not in Banff. So please enjoy the tranquil sounds of the River Deveron passing you by and the delightful sound of a f**king tractor pull a rake around a nearby field. Using my directional parabolic mic (DM), I can hear the sounds of tractors and other industrial noises several kilometres away.

The Other Sodding Tractor

The Other Sodding Tractor – Richard Broom Photography

The Sodding Tractor!!!

Join me as I try to record the sound of birds today. It is public holiday here today in Scotland. There is no wind. It would have been a perfect day to record bird sounds in the woods near to House in Banff, Aberdeenshire. Wonderful bird sounds but oh my, the noise of a f**king tractor on Banff Golf Course provided unwanted background noise to the recording of the birds who were really going for it in the woods today. Pah!

The Sodding Tractor!!! – Richard Broom Photography

Le Robuste 40

Le Robuste 40 – Richard Broom Photography
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