The Full On Attack on the Senses

Another example of truly horrible art that must surely be worse than any of the other rubbish I’ve knocked out over the years. This abhorrent image, if you cared to look at it, would have the same effect as having red hot needles plunged into your eyes. You have been warned. Look away now. NFT anyone?

The Full On Attack on the Senses – Richard Broom Photography

The Tragic End of an Image..

Another image bites the dust after being ravaged by the Photoshop Neural Filter. It is cruelty on an epic scale. This image has been well and truly brutalised. Further abuse has been applied to this image using a symmetry filter. My cruelty towards images knows no bounds. Lovers of fine art everywhere, feel free to weep. NFT anyone?

The Tragic End of an Image – Richard Broom Photography
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