The Cacophony of Birds

Join me at a bird colony on a rock which sticks out of the sea just West of Portsoy, Aberdeenshire, Scotland. If you listen, you will hear the sea washing around the column of rock and the birds, who cling to and nest of the sheer rock face (see image) and make an almighty noise. You can hear the natural echo as the bird sounds bounce off the cliff faces which surround the rock column. You will hear seagulls, gannets, razorbills, cormorants and many other birds – all squawking away. You’ll hear ‘peak squawking’ at about 2 minutes.

Recorded using my parabolic mic and a Zoom H6 (my Zoom F6 still missing in transit!)

The Cacophony of Birds
The Cacophony of Birds – Richard Broom Photography
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