The Poo Sucking Pump

If, like we do, you live on a boat then the human waste (AKA pee and poo) has to go somewhere. And so, we have a sealed (very much sealed) tank on the boat known as the Black Tank and, every now and then, we go to the ‘Poo Sucker’ which empties the gently fermenting contents of tank into the town sewage system. Dumping human waste into the sea, canals and rivers is not allowed. Pumping out is a very quick, easy and fragrant process. The image shows the machine which sucks out all the waste.

Our boat, Lucie

The Boat Builders

This photograph was taken in October 2012 when the keel for our boat, Lucie, was laid.  We have now been living on Lucie for over 3 years!  We’ve just moved to our winter berth in Holland.

The Boat Builders

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