The New Toy!

Just messing around with the new Create From Image tool in Photoshop (Find in Photoshop Libraries or see video below).

The top images shows what happens when I used the new tool. The bottom images is the original (source) image. The top images is what you get when you push the source image through the Create From Image tool. The Create From Image tool is perfect for making patterns, background images etc from existing images.

The the video below where Terry White talks about new tools in Adobe CC, including the Create From Image tool in Photoshop.

Created using Create From Image tool in Photoshop (see source image below)
The original (source) image – MacDuff Harbour – Richard Broom Photography

Corey Barker – Photoshop Design


I have been following Corey Barker for many years now.  I learn all my Photoshop from Corey.  Corey now has an excellent tutorial website HERE.

If you want to learn all things Photoshop, then Corey is your man.  Worth every penny.

Image courtesy of Corey Barker

The Sails

The Sails

A bit of Derbyshire…

A bit of Derbyshire

Fun with textures….

I took the background image (flakey paint) from the previous post and mixed it up with a bit of a helicopter in Photoshop.


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