The Sea

The Sea – Richard Broom Photography

The Aberdeenshire Town


The Aberdeenshire Town – Richard Broom Photography

The Very Strange Image

The Very Strange Image – Richard Broom Photography

The Old Railway Track

The Old Railway Track – Richard Broom Photography

The Hills

The Hills – Richard Broom Photography

The Farm

The Farm – Richard Broom Photography

The Dying Trees

We’ve noticed quite a few trees up here in the Cairngorms that appear to be dying. Disease? Polution? We’re not sure but a pity to see trees dying off…

The Dying Trees – Richard Broom Photography

The Cairngorms (1)

The Cairngorms (1) – Richard Broom Photography

The Monochrome Madness

I’ve been meaning to sort out my images for years.

At last I’ve started with my monochrome images (and there are hundreds of them!)

You can see my various galleries here on Adobe Portfolio:

My Monochrome Gallery 1

My Monochrome Gallery 2

My Monochrome Gallery 3

My Monochrome Gallery 4

My Monochrome Gallery 5

My Monochrome Gallery 6

My Monochrome Gallery 7

My Monochrome Gallery 8

My Monochrome Gallery 9

My Monochrome Gallery 10

My Monochrome Gallery 11

The Monochrome Madness

The Boat House

The Boat House

The Markermeer

The Markermeer

The Stately Home

The big house where most of us don’t live. Most of us live up the hill a bit!

The Stately Home

The Landscape

A little bit more of Derbyshire, a few more dry stone walls and the rolling countryside…

The Landscape

The Hill Farm

The Hill Farm

The Hillside

The Hillside

Images taken over the years…

Today I am restarting the Photo Nomad blog.  It has been a few years but here we go again……

Starting off today with some of the many images I have taken…..over the years.  The work of a frustrated portrait photographer!

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