The New Overshadowing the Old

It often happens…

The New Overshadowing the Old – Richard Broom Photography

The new Adobe Camera RAW Texture Slider – The Shopping Centre

This time something a little different when I am using the new Texture Slider in Adobe Camera RAW. I like using the new texture slider together with the dehaze slider when taking my images into monochrome. You can have a lot of fun with this new slider! Great if you want to give your images a little bit of zizz!

The new Adobe Camera RAW Texture Slider – The Shopping Centre

The Monochrome Madness

I’ve been meaning to sort out my images for years.

At last I’ve started with my monochrome images (and there are hundreds of them!)

You can see my various galleries here on Adobe Portfolio:

My Monochrome Gallery 1

My Monochrome Gallery 2

My Monochrome Gallery 3

My Monochrome Gallery 4

My Monochrome Gallery 5

My Monochrome Gallery 6

My Monochrome Gallery 7

My Monochrome Gallery 8

My Monochrome Gallery 9

My Monochrome Gallery 10

My Monochrome Gallery 11

The Monochrome Madness

The Curves

There’s something appealing about graceful curves…

The Curves

The African Builder

The Builder by The Photo Nomad

One building reflects another….

Just love the way the reflection of one building can be seen in the windows of another.  Another example of some of the impressive and imaginative architecture to be found in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Impressive Architecture – Dubai by The Photo Nomad

Dubai – City of Tall Buildings…

Dubai – tall buildings

Dubai Marina Area

Dubai….impressive architecture and they are still building out here….

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