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The Airport – Aberdeen International Airport, Scotland

Join me in the departure lounge at Aberdeen International Airport in Scotland as passengers get ready to board a British Airways flight to London. Aberdeen International Airport is a cosy, friendly but small regional airport. Friendly staff, and not at all like some of the UK’s bigger airports (Birmingham, Luton) which, it could be argued, should be avoided. I travelled via Birmingham Airport this week and met with some deeply impolite and unfriendly Logan Air ground staff at check-in. Not quite the friendly Scottish welcome I was expecting. A disappointing response. Get your act together Logan Air!!!

The Airport – Aberdeen International Airport, Scotland
The Airport - Aberdeen International Airport, Scotland - Richard Broom Photography
The Airport – Aberdeen International Airport, Scotland – Richard Broom Photography

British Airways Blues (‘Your call is important to us’)

Join me as I listened for a total of over 3 hours to of ‘music on hold’ and ‘your call is important to us’ messages whilst I waited for British Airways to answer the telephone today. After a total of three hours of no reply, I gave in. British Airways, and before it BOAC and BEA, is or was something we British used to be proud of. I did get hold of one unhelpful chap from BA who dismissively gave me another number to call because I had ‘the wrong kind of Business Class ticket’ (yes, Business Class!) and the number he gave me promptly disconnected me and so I went to the back of the queue again.

Sadly… we live in changed times. Is the UK going down the tubes and taking British Airways with it? It’s certainly beginning to look like it.

British Airways – such a disappointment (and I speak as an IAG shareholder!!!!).

British Airways Blues
British Airways Blues - Richard Broom Photography
British Airways Blues – Richard Broom Photography

The Golden Age of BBC Radio – Come in Tokyo

Join me and listen into some clips from the golden age of BBC Radio Comedy from the 1950s. I remember listening to the radio (no TV in those days during the day) to BBC Radio Comedy programmes on a Sunday afternoon. Names like Tony Hancock, Keneth Williams, Keneth Horne and many more spring to mind.

Radio always had the best scenery…

I created the background music (if you can call it that) on my Native Instruments Maschine. I have no musical knowledge or training it (and it shows). I just plug noises into the spreadsheet arrangement (image below) which is the Maschine 2 software, push the button and see what pops out. It seems to work and, of course, it is royalty free!

You can listen to my musical efforts on their own by clicking here.

The Golden Age of BBC Radio – Come in Tokyo
The Golden Age of BBC Radio - Come in Tokyo
Tony Hancock – courtesy BBC
Mashine 2

The Man in the White Suit (best ever sound effect)

About 300 years ago when I was young and good-looking, I used to take every opportunity to watch the 1951 Ealing Studios film, ‘The Man in the White Suit’ (1951) staring Alec Guiness. No video recorders or DVDs in those days. One of the main reasons I liked the film was because of the fabulous sound effect used in the film (unmistakable if you know the film).

And so, I made my own version of the sound effect which I combined with the original – you can hear in the clip below. After that, you can hear the ‘White Suit Man’ sound effect I created (a tribute to the original sound effect!) on its own.

I created my White Suit Man sound effect on my Native Instruments Machine.

Here’s the original sound effect + mine. Then, below that, my creation.

The Man in the White Suit (best ever sound effect)

And here’s my version of the sound effect on its own (image courtesy of IMBD)

The Cacophony of Birds

Join me at a bird colony on a rock which sticks out of the sea just West of Portsoy, Aberdeenshire, Scotland. If you listen, you will hear the sea washing around the column of rock and the birds, who cling to and nest of the sheer rock face (see image) and make an almighty noise. You can hear the natural echo as the bird sounds bounce off the cliff faces which surround the rock column. You will hear seagulls, gannets, razorbills, cormorants and many other birds – all squawking away. You’ll hear ‘peak squawking’ at about 2 minutes.

Recorded using my parabolic mic and a Zoom H6 (my Zoom F6 still missing in transit!)

The Cacophony of Birds
The Cacophony of Birds - Richard Broom Photography
The Cacophony of Birds – Richard Broom Photography

The Old Morse Key

Me and my Samson ETM-3C double paddle Morse key have been together rattling out messages in Morse code for over 40 years now. The key has never let me down and we have travelled the world together. I’m pleased to report that both me and the ETM-3C are still going strong with a whole lot more dots and dashes still in us providing our respective batteries don’t conk out. Come in Tokyo!!!

To generate dots and dashes, you have to ‘key’ the two paddles side to side. One paddle generates continuous dots, the other paddle generates continuous dashes and, if you squeeze both paddles together, then a stream of dots followed by dashes will be sent. The trick is to manipulate the paddles in order to build up the Morse code characters.

The Old Morse Key - Richard Broom Photography
The Old Morse Key – Richard Broom Photography

The Sound of Portsoy Beach

Join me and listen to the waves crashing onto Portsoy beach. Portsoy is in Aberdeenshire, Scotland and was the setting for a Peaky Blinders episode last year. Portsoy has some wonderful walks in and around this most delightful town. The harbour is also well worth a visit. By the way, I used my panoramic microphone (1 dish, two mics) to record the sound.

The Sound of Portsoy Beach
The Sound of Portsoy Beach - Richard Broom Photography
The Sound of Portsoy Beach – Richard Broom Photography

Calling Poland – Ukrainian Crisis

I see people from Poland are looking at my blog (from Flag Counter)

Like thousands of other people in the United Kingdom, we are offering the spare room of our house to refugees from the Ukraine. Our British Government is moving at a very slow pace and, until we can identify a refugee from the Ukraine in Poland (or any country near to the Ukraine), we cannot start arranging travel for these people. In fact, I feel ashamed to be British when I see what Boris Johnson is failing to do (all talk, no action and lies, lies, lies).

And so, if you are in Poland and if you can put us in touch with an agency/NGO who is trying to find accommodation for refugees in the UK (Scotland), then please send me an email at and we will do our best. We have one spare bedroom, it would suit mother/child or older couple (senior citizens?). Naturally, we would NOT be charging rent for the use of our room. We want to help.

The Crow and the Tractor

Join me as as I tried to record the sounds of a crow but then a tractor came along and ploughed the nearby field. The field was close to the woods at Duff House, Banff, Aberdeenshire. You can hear the tractor driver lift the plough, rotate it and lower it again before turning round in order to plough in the opposite direction.

The Crow and the Tractor
The Crow and the Tractor - Richard Broom Photography
The Crow and the Tractor – Richard Broom Photography
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