The Saturday Seals

The Saturday Seals – Richard Broom Photography

The Very Silly Video

The Very Silly Video – Richard Broom Photography

The Blast of Chickens!

View HERE on Vimeo.

The Blast of Chickens! – Richard Broom Photography

The Walk

Just another beautiful day in Scotland

The Walk – Richard Broom Photography

The Hint of Autumn

The Hint of Autumn – Richard Broom Photography

The Memories of Africa

The Memories of Africa – Richard Broom Photography

The Girl in the Red Coat…

We’re firmly back in Scotland!

The Girl in the Red Coat – Richard Broom Photography

The Girl in the Red Coat – Richard Broom Photography

The best way to build a railway

A video from my old friends at WCCTV showing a time-lapse images of railway construction in London.

The Days of Steam Radio

I was inspired by John’s posting about Steam Radio on his Las Vegas Photoblog.

There are a diminishing number of us radio old timers around these days. And the number of us who can use Morse code is also falling away. Only the Amateur Radio folks keep Morse code alive.

This video below was taken of me between 1993-1995 when we lived in Cyprus. I held the Cypriot Amateur Radio callsign 5B4AFC and used Morse code exclusively. My old ‘squeeze keyer‘ morse key – an ETM3C – has been with me for well over 40 years now and is still going strong. People, in these days of nearly instant global communications, find it hard to believe that, when I started out as a Merchant Navy Radio Officer in1972, Morse code was our only way of sending data from ship to shore. Happy days!

Richard – 5B4AFC

The Jachthaven

Around Jachthaven Hemmeland from Richard Broom on Vimeo.

The things that can go wrogn

I know…….my spelling often goes wrong but life really can be like this on a bad day:


Via John Nack

The Most Beautiful Drone Images To Date

The most beautiful drone images I have seen…just had to share….

Dolina Drwęcy i okolice Brodnicy – Valley of Drwęca River

Via John Nack

The Camera Stealing Shark

What do you do when a shark steals your camera?

GoPro: Hammerhead Fin Cam in 4K from GoPro on Vimeo.

Via John Nack

Kevin just not playing fair…

Where we live…..

We live on a boat!

Amsterdam Gay Pride 2015

The weekend when Amsterdam really rocks!  Looking forward to Gay Pride 2016.

Nikita visits Amsterdam

Nikita visits Amsterdam:

Birds of Prey

Some Angry Birds!

The Martian. Why no Oscars?!

Very disappointed that The Martian didn’t get any Oscars.  A gross oversight in my view.  But if there was an Oscar for having a good time during the making of a film, The Martian deserves it:

Help John Nack – Nepal Earthquake

John Nack is halfway to his funding target.  He’s hoping to go to Nepal to help in the wake of the devastating earthquake. He needs your support.

John’s post regarding Nepal is here.  His Gofundme page is here.

Please help if you can.

Interestingly strange things to do with a GoPro camera…

A Camera Drama – Workshop with Roel Wouters from ECAL on Vimeo.

My Granddaughters ROCK! (play LOUD!)

My granddaughters – a bit of a fashion show (Best played LOUD!):

Bits of Aircraft (and the odd car)…

Some more images of aircraft that have been taken over the years (plus a bit of rock and roll):


The Vulcan Bomber

Here’s some images of the RAF’s Vulcan Bomber (more images of the Vulcan coming shortly):

Luna: Interesting 360 degree camera and interesting advert…

This looks like an interesting 360 camera – and an interesting and compelling advert for the product too.

Via John Nack.

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