The Video Squirt (No.4) – One of our swimming pools is missing!

Anyone fancy a dip?

The Video Squirt (No.3) – Fairy Gatherings in Scotland…

Another 30 Seconds worth of squirty video nonsense…

The Video Squirt (No.2) – The Great Ocean

Nobody asked for it but you’re getting it anyway! Here it is video squirt (less than 30 secs) Number 2 – The Great Ocean + a bit of audio stuff going on too.

The All New Video Squirt (No.1)

I’ve started making very short videos based on the idea that around 30 seconds of my video work is about as much as any normal person can stand. I call them video squirts. The one below is a Dog Squirt!

The Dog’s Popping Ball…

The Dog’s Popping Ball – Richard Broom Photography
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