The Hotel in Dubai

My aircraft is waiting..

Long queues at KLM check-in at Schipol again. 

The new robotic self-service baggage handling system at KLM’s check-in at Schipol is very clever and needs fewer staff – but causes long tailbacks.  Think again KLM!

Heading out…

Heading out of Amsterdam…..

On the road again…..

Katy in the Wheelhouse

Lady on bus….

The Pole Cleaner

The Dutch Pipe

Amsterdam Central Station

A chocolate waffle in Amsterdam…..

Last step!


Step 7a – the slow lane…


Step 7 – the departure gate….


Step 6b – never leave home without one…

A USB charger that works everywhere.   

Step 6a – Sandwich and charge devices. 

So many things to charge these days. Never enough power points. 


Step 6 – Coffee in the lounge!


Step 5 – Departure Lounge at last!

Long, long queues at security.  


Step 4 – Phew! Long delays at KLM check-in, Schipol Airport. 


Step 3 – Train to Schipol Airport from Amsterdam Central Station


Step 2 – Amsterdam Central Station. Train to Schipol Airport


Step 1 – The 315

On my way to Dubai.  The journey starts on the 315 bus from Marken to Amsterdam Central Station.  


Look out Tom Cruise!

My grandson takes to the air:


Grandson Jack

Jack by The Photo Nomad

William by Jack

William by Jack

The African Dog

The African Dog by The Photo Nomad

Just Make it snappy!

Snappy by The Photo Nomad

Safeer – The Kerala Kid!

The Kerela Kid by The Photo Nomad

In case of an emergency….

In case of an emergency, eat Dutch Apple pie.  


Right number of wings?

Flight to Dubai delayed due technical problems.  Just checking to see if the aircraft has the right number of wings.  


Classy Cafe Schipol Airport


On my way to Schipol….


A Boat Load!

Not a problem we expect in Holland!

Not a problem we expect in Holland thankfully!

Sunset over the Dutch Railways

First Post from WordPress App


A little lady…

An old roller but no rocker!

That sinking feeling…

Dunkirk 1940 – Small Boat Happy Days

One of the small “ships’ that took part in the Dunkirk evacuation in 1940



Monnickendam Today…

Walking around Monnickendam today with the big lens

Bad news for drones..

Via John Nack

Vulcan Bomber – the driver’s seat…

The Vulcan Bomber – cockpit

Vulcan Cockpit

Fast Jet

Fast Jet

Not made like this anymore…

They just don’t make aircraft like they used to…….

HDR effects applied using Aurora HDR Effects.

1 / 7

Bath – a very English town

A Young Lady Photographer….

A young lady photographer in Belgium…

Young Lady Photographer

The Wonderful and Mysterious World of ADR

Automatic Dialogue Replacement

Upside Down in Belgium…

Some more street photography.  A young Chinese girl the wrong way up in Belgium!

Upside Down

The beautiful Tiger Moth

Amsterdam – Bike City..

Amsterdam has to be the City of the Bike:

Amsterdam – Bike City

More Aviation Art

Here’s a bit more aviation art:


Hidden Amsterdam (Volume 2)

Here’s Hidden Amsterdam Volume 1 for anyone who missed it.

Amsterdam – a fabulous city for photographers.

Voices in my Head!!!

I have the same problem Scott!

Thoughts in my head…

One of my favourite aircraft…

The Lysander.  Used to drop secret agents behind enemy lines during WW2.

I just love Soundworks…

I just love Soundworks.

Sound……often more important than what we’re seeing.

And……..this film, I-Origins (look out for misspelling in titles) which didn’t, I think, get a lot of attention is an excellent film, sound and all…

SoundWorks Collection – The Sound of I-Orgins with Dolby Atmos from Michael Coleman on Vimeo.

Aircraft Image by Jack

My grandson has taken up photography…’s one of his aircraft images (chip of the old block!)


Bits of Aircraft (and the odd car)…

Some more images of aircraft that have been taken over the years (plus a bit of rock and roll):


Luna: Interesting 360 degree camera and interesting advert…

This looks like an interesting 360 camera – and an interesting and compelling advert for the product too.

Via John Nack.

Beautiful Amsterdam

Amsterdam is such a wonderful place for photographers.  Here’s just a few images taken over the past year or so..

Click on any of the images below to see the images full-screen…

Or…if you prefer a musical slideshow, please see the video below:

Amsterdam Sail…….

A video from the summer…(contains unexpected nudity)


I took a great many photographs of aircraft some time ago. The slideshow below shows some of the images.  Please stay tuned because the images will be back on sale again soon.

Aircraft Images by Richard Broom from Richard Broom on Vimeo.

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