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The Train Snack Bar Announcement

Join me on one of our British trains. Over the years I’ve learned that the food on our British trains generally is massively overpriced and doesn’t taste so good (French trains so much better in all respects). Please note that it is the train loudspeaker system that is delivering quite badly distorted sound (along with the badly distorted sandwiches!). Brexit = terrible food!

The Train Snack Bar Announcement
The Train Snack Bar Announcement
The Train Snack Bar Announcement - Richard Broom Photography
The Train Snack Bar Announcement – Richard Broom Photography

The Missing Wheels

After this posting, there was some debate about where the front wheels for this crane truck were. This image solves the mystery. The front wheels are set back and, in front of the front wheel assembly, there are the extendable jacks which keep the truck from tipping over when the crane part of the truck is lifting heavy weights.

The Missing Wheels - Richard Broom Photography
The Missing Wheels – Richard Broom Photography

The Old Railway Track…

Until Dr Beeching came along, Banff was connected to the rest of the United Kingdom by a railway line. The railway line to Banff finally closed in 1968. A pity. Given the general state of the roads in the UK (overcrowded and often in disrepair) and the need for us to reach climate targets, perhaps greater use of modern railway trains might have helped us in the longer term. But then, UK governments (especially the so-called Government we have in place now), can’t seem to plan beyond the end of the next week, let alone a year or more’s time. Long term planning? Forget it!!!

Where there were once railway tracks, there are now walking/jogging paths. Every cloud has a silver lining…

The Old Railway Track...
The Old Railway Track – Richard Broom Photography

The Soundscape Library (Soundscape 8) – Amsterdam Central Station, main lobby

Please click on the link below, close your eyes and join me in the main lobby in Central Station Amsterdam (a natural echo chamber). Towards the end you’ll here a station announcement but the natural echo in the main lobby makes it hard to hear what is being announced.

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Amsterdam Central Station

Amsterdam Central Station

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