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The ‘out of puff’ street…

Bounding up this street in Banff with vigour is out of the question these days. A slow, up-hill crawl, in low gear, with frequent rest stops is a better strategy and the ‘slo-mo’ approach is easier on the creaky old knees! Going ‘down the way’ (as they say here in Scotland) is much easier.

The 'out of puff' street - Richard Broom Photography
The ‘out of puff’ street – Richard Broom Photography

The Best Bread

The Netherlands is the very best place to buy bread.  Here’s the young lady at Monnickendam market (Saturdays) when many different types of bread and cakes (yum!) are available.  Some of the bread and cakes are cooked on the stall.  It doesn’t get fresher than that!

The Best Bread

The Best Bread

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