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The Future of the Ukraine and Scotland

Two beautiful young girls, both aged 16. One of the girls from Scotland, the other from the Ukraine. Both have their futures ahead of them. They have been brought together in Scotland by a brutal war brought about by a man who is now, it is clear, completely unhinged. What right has Putin to destroy the hopes and dreams of young people in the Ukraine and other places?

The Future of the Ukraine and Scotland – Richard Broom Photography

The Old Morse Key

Me and my Samson ETM-3C double paddle Morse key have been together rattling out messages in Morse code for over 40 years now. The key has never let me down and we have travelled the world together. I’m pleased to report that both me and the ETM-3C are still going strong with a whole lot more dots and dashes still in us providing our respective batteries don’t conk out. Come in Tokyo!!!

To generate dots and dashes, you have to ‘key’ the two paddles side to side. One paddle generates continuous dots, the other paddle generates continuous dashes and, if you squeeze both paddles together, then a stream of dots followed by dashes will be sent. The trick is to manipulate the paddles in order to build up the Morse code characters.

The Old Morse Key - Richard Broom Photography
The Old Morse Key – Richard Broom Photography
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