Pelicans by The Photo Nomad

Turtle Love…

Turtles in Love by The Photo Nomad

Punk Rock Bird

Punk Rock Bird by The Photo Nomad

World War 1 Aircraft

World War 1 Aircraft by The Photo Nomad

Night Bomber

Night Bomber by The Photo Nomad

I’m a little tied up right now….

Tied Up by The Photo Nomad

Just Make it snappy!

Snappy by The Photo Nomad


Lufthansa by The Photo Nomad

On the lookout…

A little girl keeps an eye on proceedings…

On the Lookout by the Photo Nomad

The Souk (No.2)

The Souk by The Photo Nomad

The Tourist…

The Tourist by the Photo Nomad

The Souk…

The Souk by the Photo Nomad

Architecture in Blue….

Architecture in blue in Dubai….

Architecture in Blue by The Photo Nomad

Lamps in the Souk…

Lamps by the Photo Nomad

A quiet little hotel by the sea…

A quiet little hotel by the sea by The Photo Nomad

One building reflects another….

Just love the way the reflection of one building can be seen in the windows of another.  Another example of some of the impressive and imaginative architecture to be found in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Impressive Architecture – Dubai by The Photo Nomad

Safeer – The Kerala Kid!

The Kerela Kid by The Photo Nomad

Up the Creek!!!!

Here are some folk who are well and truly up Dubai’s famous Creek.

Up the Creek in Dubai


It is also very hard to not to be drawn to the wonderful smells from the spice shops Dubai…


Hard not to be impressed…

It is hard not to be impressed by the World’s tallest building here in Dubai. Just one of many fabulous buildings. It’s like they have gathered together the World’s most impressive architects and let them loose in one place at more or less one time.

Burj Khalifa in Dubai

Dubai – City of Tall Buildings…

Dubai – tall buildings

The Long Drop…

This time with the 5D Mk 3

The Long Drop

Glittery Palm…

Glittery Palm

Dubai Marina Area

Dubai….impressive architecture and they are still building out here….

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An unexpected view of things…

This is not exactly what I was expecting when I opened my Dubai hotel bedroom curtains this morning.  Nothing if not different!

Crane – Dubai

Dubai – first look

Arrived in Dubai 3am.  First images (taken using iPhone + a bit of Instagram magic):

Dubai hotel stairwell

Classy Cafe Schipol Airport


African Girl

African Girl

A Mexican Wave in Uganda

Here’s some school girls in Kampala, Uganda carrying out a Mexican Wave when a nosey photographer poked his nose into the classroom.  Wonderful children.

A Mexican Wave in Uganda

The Charcoal Lady

A lady who sells charcoal in Monrovia, Liberia

The Charcoal Lady

Cheeky Girls!

Some more girls form Uganda. Cheeky Girls!

Cheeky Girls

Girls, Girls, Girls!

I missed International Women’s Day by 24 hours but here are some young girls I photographed in Uganda a while back.  So many smiles!

Schoolgirls in Uganda

Young Love…

Legs 11!

Legs 11

Another Cockpit…

Another Cockpit

Holland and Belgium for Liquorice..

You just can’t beat Holland and Belgium for quality liquorice…..


Tobacco, snuff and cigarettes….

Tobacco, Snuff and Cigarettes

Death’s Door???

Death’s Door?

Just hanging out….

Just Hanging Out

Another mess of boats…

Another Mess of Boats

Coming through the tunnel…

Coming through the tunnel

Old in New…

Old in New

Rainy Day Blues…

Rainy Day

The Tour Guide

The Tour Guide

A Boat Load!

Bikes, Boats and Bridges – Amsterdam

Bikes Boats Bridges – Amsterdam

Getting ready to launch…

Spring is almost upon us and they’re getting ready at our marina to start putting boats back in the water ready for the season…

Yacht Hoist

All the fun of the fair…

All the fun of the fair…

A bike lady in Amsterdam…

Bike Lady in Amsterdam

On the flight path to Schipol Airport

You would never guess we were on the flightpath for Schipol Airport:


A mess of sailing boats….

A Mess of Sailing Boats

Bike no more…

Bike No More

The WC at Amsterdam Central Station

Amsterdam Central Station

The Windmill Fixer

The Windmill Fixer

Blondie in Amsterdam

Blondie in Amsterdam – all alone…

Blondie in Amsterdam

Beautiful Amsterdam

Amsterdam – you just can’t beat it

Beautiful Amsterdam 1
Beautiful Amsterdam 2

A lazy day boat for sure…..

A great way to travel Amsterdam’s canals:

Amsterdam Boat

Sunset over the Dutch Railways

Another brick in the wall..

A little lady…

An old roller but no rocker!

That sinking feeling…

Dunkirk 1940 – Small Boat Happy Days

One of the small “ships’ that took part in the Dunkirk evacuation in 1940

A slightly different kind of boat…

A seaplane!


Amsterdam Tram

Look behind you!

Amsterdam Tram



You must have the right gear…


A Pussy…

A Pussy

A tired old boat…

A tired old boat…

Monnickendam Today…

Walking around Monnickendam today with the big lens

One canoe or two?

One canoe or two?

Monnickendam Harbour this morning..

All peaceful in Monnickendam harbour this morning.  The perfect day for whipping out the long lens!

Monnickendam Harbour

Spotted this morning in Monnickendam town centre…


A chap on a boat…

A man on a narrow boat:

Man on a boat…

Angry alligator attacks man…

You just can’t be too careful these days:

Angry Alligator

Built for Speed!


Bars and Cafes in Amsterdam

You just can’t beat the bars and cafes in Amsterdam…

Cafe/Bar Amsterdam

Fast Jet

Fast Jet

Lincolnshire Sunrise

Lincolnshire Sunrise

Bright Lights

Bright Lights

A bit of Derbyshire…

A bit of Derbyshire

Not made like this anymore…

They just don’t make aircraft like they used to…….

HDR effects applied using Aurora HDR Effects.

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Bath – a very English town

An archway in Ghent…

A little bit of architecture from Ghent….

Archway in Ghent

Textured Hercules

More fun with textures and Photoshop:

A Textured Hercules

Fun with textures….

I took the background image (flakey paint) from the previous post and mixed it up with a bit of a helicopter in Photoshop.


Flakey Paint

For interesting background textures, you just can’t beat flakey paintwork….

flakey paint

The Mighty Hercules…

The Herucles

The Best of Belgium…

Some of our images from Belgium…

A sock in the jaw in London!

Be careful you don’t get socked in the jaw in London!

A sock in the jaw!

Hidden Amsterdam (Volume 2)

Here’s Hidden Amsterdam Volume 1 for anyone who missed it.

Amsterdam – a fabulous city for photographers.

Amsterdam Ferry

One of the River Ij ferries arriving at Central Station, Amsterdam

Amsterdam Ferry

A Harrier coming at you!

A Sea Harrier about to fly up your nose!

Sea Harrier

One of my favourite aircraft…

The Lysander.  Used to drop secret agents behind enemy lines during WW2.

A walk in the woods with our pooch…

A walk in the woods at Hemmeland (Netherlands) with our pooch:

Don’t bite off more than you can chew…

Here’s quite an amazing image.  This cormorant caught a large fish, tired to swallow it and choked to death.

Cormorant and fish

Where we live…..

We live on a boat!

The lady with a red nose….

The lady with a red nose
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