The Map…

The Map

Doing a Clint…

Grandfather and grandson trying to do the “Grumpy but Cool Clint Eastwood ‘Make My Day’ look” (image by Jack Broom)

Doing a Clint by Jack Broom

Two boys and a dog…

Two Boys and a Dog by The Photo Nomad

Up Against the Wall in Amsterdam

A wall in Amsterdam…

Up Against the Wall by The Photo Nomad

The Model

The Model by The Photo Nomad

Classy Cafe Schipol Airport


Young Love…

Legs 11!

Legs 11

Holland and Belgium for Liquorice..

You just can’t beat Holland and Belgium for quality liquorice…..


Just hanging out….

Just Hanging Out

Bikes, Boats and Bridges – Amsterdam

Bikes Boats Bridges – Amsterdam

Getting ready to launch…

Spring is almost upon us and they’re getting ready at our marina to start putting boats back in the water ready for the season…

Yacht Hoist

A bike lady in Amsterdam…

Bike Lady in Amsterdam

On the flight path to Schipol Airport

You would never guess we were on the flightpath for Schipol Airport:


Bike no more…

Bike No More

The WC at Amsterdam Central Station

Amsterdam Central Station

The Windmill Fixer

The Windmill Fixer

Blondie in Amsterdam

Blondie in Amsterdam – all alone…

Blondie in Amsterdam

Beautiful Amsterdam

Amsterdam – you just can’t beat it

Beautiful Amsterdam 1
Beautiful Amsterdam 2

A lazy day boat for sure…..

A great way to travel Amsterdam’s canals:

Amsterdam Boat

Sunset over the Dutch Railways

Another brick in the wall..

A little lady…

That sinking feeling…

Amsterdam Tram

Look behind you!

Amsterdam Tram



You must have the right gear…


A Pussy…

A Pussy

A tired old boat…

A tired old boat…

Monnickendam Today…

Walking around Monnickendam today with the big lens

One canoe or two?

One canoe or two?

Monnickendam Harbour this morning..

All peaceful in Monnickendam harbour this morning.  The perfect day for whipping out the long lens!

Monnickendam Harbour

Spotted this morning in Monnickendam town centre…


Bars and Cafes in Amsterdam

You just can’t beat the bars and cafes in Amsterdam…

Cafe/Bar Amsterdam

Flakey Paint

For interesting background textures, you just can’t beat flakey paintwork….

flakey paint

Hidden Amsterdam (Volume 2)

Here’s Hidden Amsterdam Volume 1 for anyone who missed it.

Amsterdam – a fabulous city for photographers.

Amsterdam Ferry

One of the River Ij ferries arriving at Central Station, Amsterdam

Amsterdam Ferry

A walk in the woods with our pooch…

A walk in the woods at Hemmeland (Netherlands) with our pooch:

Don’t bite off more than you can chew…

Here’s quite an amazing image.  This cormorant caught a large fish, tired to swallow it and choked to death.

Cormorant and fish

Where we live…..

We live on a boat!

Amsterdam Gay Pride 2015

The weekend when Amsterdam really rocks!  Looking forward to Gay Pride 2016.

Nikita visits Amsterdam

Nikita visits Amsterdam:

You just can’t beat the markets in Holland…

The food you can buy at the markets in Holland is just wonderful!

Market, Monnickendam. the Netherlands
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