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The Super-Technical and Hyper-Powerful Eel Smoker

Eel smokers come in all shapes and sizes but the one below is quite something. I’m sure I saw something similar in an nuclear power station on the TV recently. The eel smoker shown below was at Monnickendam’s eel smoking festival yesterday. It was fair to say it was smokin’.

The Super-Technical Eel Smoker - Richard Broom Photography
The Super-Technical and Hyper-Powerful Eel Smoker – Richard Broom Photography

The Oak Processionary Moth

We’ve spotted a number of these ‘nests’ made by the Oak Processionary Moths in nearby oak trees here in the Netherlands. We’ve never seen them ever before. That’s global warming for you Mr Trump!!!

But, before blaming Mr Trump too much, it looks like we British might be responsible for introducing this particular (and toxic) pest into Europe. More information here.

The Oak Processionary Moth - Richard Broom Photography
The Oak Processionary Moth – Richard Broom Photography

The Tuesday Dog

This is Bor, who belongs to our very good and highly attractive friend Marloes (sorry, no image of Marloes (yet)). Bor comes to stay with us on the boat on Tuesdays. Bor is an ageing gentleman with creaky bones but he has a fine spirit and a look of constant bemusement on his face.

The Tuesday Dog (For)

The Soundscape Library (Soundscape 9) – Hemmeland Woods + Dog!

Moral: never take a dog with you when you are recording soundscapes!

Please click on the Soundcloud link below, close your eyes and join me for a walk in the woods at Hemmeland – a wooded area close to Monnickendam, Noord Holland, Netherlands.

Hemmeland is a great place to see nature, picnics, sunbathing and for dog walks. At Hemmeland you’ll find a mixture of wildlife, flowers, plants, trees, beaches and much more.  There was a northeasterly wind today blowing at between 10-15 Knots. You’ll hear quite a lot of noise generated as the wind blew through the treetops.  You’ll also hear the dog sniffing around.

There’s not too much about Hemmeland on the Internet but you can look at my photographs of Hemmeland by clicking on this link to visit my Adobe Spark Hemmeland page (scroll down when you get there)

See all other soundscapes here.

The Woods, Hemmeland

The Woods, Hemmeland


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