On the flight path to Schipol Airport

You would never guess we were on the flightpath for Schipol Airport:


Bike no more…

Bike No More

The WC at Amsterdam Central Station

Amsterdam Central Station

Another brick in the wall..

Dunkirk 1940 – Small Boat Happy Days

One of the small “ships’ that took part in the Dunkirk evacuation in 1940



A tired old boat…

A tired old boat…

A chap on a boat…

A man on a narrow boat:

Man on a boat…

Built for Speed!


Fast Jet

Fast Jet

Lincolnshire Sunrise

Lincolnshire Sunrise

A bit of Derbyshire…

A bit of Derbyshire

Not made like this anymore…

They just don’t make aircraft like they used to…….

HDR effects applied using Aurora HDR Effects.

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Fun with textures….

I took the background image (flakey paint) from the previous post and mixed it up with a bit of a helicopter in Photoshop.


Flakey Paint

For interesting background textures, you just can’t beat flakey paintwork….

flakey paint

The Mighty Hercules…

The Herucles

A Harrier coming at you!

A Sea Harrier about to fly up your nose!

Sea Harrier

One of my favourite aircraft…

The Lysander.  Used to drop secret agents behind enemy lines during WW2.

Where we live…..

We live on a boat!

The lady with a red nose….

The lady with a red nose

Hidden Amsterdam (Volume 1)

Here’s some bits of Amsterdam you don’t see much of..

The Tiger Moth

For anyone who likes this iconic aircraft:

Bits of Aircraft (and the odd car)…

Some more images of aircraft that have been taken over the years (plus a bit of rock and roll):


The Vulcan Bomber

Here’s some images of the RAF’s Vulcan Bomber (more images of the Vulcan coming shortly):

Aircraft and Cars – the slideshow

Here’s the aircraft and cars images in slideshow format

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