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The Tug

Many years ago I worked on deep sea salvage tugs and, since then, I’ve always had a soft spot for tugs. The second image shows the tug Statesman, the first tug I went to sea on in 1972 (this makes me feel VERY old!). The radio callsign of the statesman was 6ZQS (Liberian) but was changed to GSAA when the Statesman became registered in Britain (something to do with the Cod War!). The front of the Statesman looked like one of those expensive ocean-going yachts.

The Tug - Richard Broom Photography
The Tug – Richard Broom Photography
The Statesman

The Soundscape Library (Soundscape 10) – King’s Day, Amsterdam, Street and Canal Parties


Please click on the Soundcloud link below, close your eyes and join me on the streets of Amsterdam for the King’s Day (27 April) celbrations. Amsterdam turns into one big street party on King’s Day and boats with very loud sound systems and celebrating crew members tour the city’s canals having what can only be described as a very good time!

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The King's Day, Amsterdam

The King’s Day, Amsterdam

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