Another mess of boats…

Another Mess of Boats

A Boat Load!

Bikes, Boats and Bridges – Amsterdam

Bikes Boats Bridges – Amsterdam

Getting ready to launch…

Spring is almost upon us and they’re getting ready at our marina to start putting boats back in the water ready for the season…

Yacht Hoist

A mess of sailing boats….

A Mess of Sailing Boats

A lazy day boat for sure…..

A great way to travel Amsterdam’s canals:

Amsterdam Boat

That sinking feeling…

Dunkirk 1940 – Small Boat Happy Days

One of the small “ships’ that took part in the Dunkirk evacuation in 1940



You must have the right gear…


A tired old boat…

A tired old boat…

Monnickendam Today…

Walking around Monnickendam today with the big lens

One canoe or two?

One canoe or two?

Monnickendam Harbour this morning..

All peaceful in Monnickendam harbour this morning.  The perfect day for whipping out the long lens!

Monnickendam Harbour

A chap on a boat…

A man on a narrow boat:

Man on a boat…

The Best of Belgium…

Some of our images from Belgium…

Hidden Amsterdam (Volume 2)

Here’s Hidden Amsterdam Volume 1 for anyone who missed it.

Amsterdam – a fabulous city for photographers.

Amsterdam Gay Pride 2015

The weekend when Amsterdam really rocks!  Looking forward to Gay Pride 2016.

Nikita visits Amsterdam

Nikita visits Amsterdam:

Hidden Amsterdam (Volume 1)

Here’s some bits of Amsterdam you don’t see much of..

Beautiful Amsterdam

Amsterdam is such a wonderful place for photographers.  Here’s just a few images taken over the past year or so..

Click on any of the images below to see the images full-screen…

Or…if you prefer a musical slideshow, please see the video below:

Amsterdam Sail…….

A video from the summer…(contains unexpected nudity)

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