The Weary Traveller

The Weary Traveller

The Toe Dippers

The Toe Dippers

The Door and Window

The Door and Window

The Souk

The Souk

The Verona Sign

The Verona Sign

The Lion Tamers

The Lion Tamers

The Cafe

The Cafe

The Whisky Shop

The Whisky Shop

Up Against the Wall in Amsterdam

A wall in Amsterdam…

Up Against the Wall by The Photo Nomad

The African Builder

The Builder by The Photo Nomad


Bahrain by The Photo Nomad

The Cafe

The Stone Breaker by The Photo Nomad

Big Blue Cock

Pratt’s Hotel by The Photo Nomad

Pratt’s Hotel

Pratt’s Hotel by The Photo Nomad

Not for the hairdresser…

Not for the hairdresser by The Photo Nomad

Whisky Galore

Whisky Galore by The Photo Nomad

The Souk (No.2)

The Souk by The Photo Nomad

The Souk…

The Souk by the Photo Nomad

Architecture in Blue….

Architecture in blue in Dubai….

Architecture in Blue by The Photo Nomad

One building reflects another….

Just love the way the reflection of one building can be seen in the windows of another.  Another example of some of the impressive and imaginative architecture to be found in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Impressive Architecture – Dubai by The Photo Nomad

Hard not to be impressed…

It is hard not to be impressed by the World’s tallest building here in Dubai. Just one of many fabulous buildings. It’s like they have gathered together the World’s most impressive architects and let them loose in one place at more or less one time.

Burj Khalifa in Dubai

Dubai – City of Tall Buildings…

Dubai – tall buildings

Boats and Buildings – Dubai

Boats and Buildings – Dubai

The Long Drop…

This time with the 5D Mk 3

The Long Drop

Dubai Marina Area

Dubai….impressive architecture and they are still building out here….

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An unexpected view of things…

This is not exactly what I was expecting when I opened my Dubai hotel bedroom curtains this morning.  Nothing if not different!

Crane – Dubai

Dubai – first look

Arrived in Dubai 3am.  First images (taken using iPhone + a bit of Instagram magic):

Dubai hotel stairwell

Classy Cafe Schipol Airport


Tobacco, snuff and cigarettes….

Tobacco, Snuff and Cigarettes

Just hanging out….

Just Hanging Out

Coming through the tunnel…

Coming through the tunnel

Old in New…

Old in New

Rainy Day Blues…

Rainy Day

Bikes, Boats and Bridges – Amsterdam

Bikes Boats Bridges – Amsterdam

A bike lady in Amsterdam…

Bike Lady in Amsterdam

The WC at Amsterdam Central Station

Amsterdam Central Station

Blondie in Amsterdam

Blondie in Amsterdam – all alone…

Blondie in Amsterdam

Beautiful Amsterdam

Amsterdam – you just can’t beat it

Beautiful Amsterdam 1
Beautiful Amsterdam 2

A little lady…

Monnickendam Today…

Walking around Monnickendam today with the big lens

A bit of Derbyshire…

A bit of Derbyshire

An archway in Ghent…

A little bit of architecture from Ghent….

Archway in Ghent
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