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The Roman Well

We often walk along the beach from Banff to Whitehills (good place to buy fresh fish) and, on the way, we pass the old Roman Well (and I thought the Roman’s didn’t get this far north). It has been there since Roman times (AD 43 to AD 47) and so it was built around 2,000 years ago. They build things to last in Scotland!!! More about this small but nonetheless interesting building here.

I walked to Whitehills and back today and realised it is a 6 mile round-trip. Oh so very healthy!

The Roman Well - Richard Broom Photography
The Roman Well – Richard Broom Photography

The Secret Society

I can’t help thinking that the Masons are, in some way, linked to Harry Potter! My father was a mason. He kept all his wizardry tools in a little brown leather suitcase and we were never allowed to see what was stored away in his secret suitcase….sandwiches and a magic wand perhaps? If I turn into a toad after posting this, you’ll know why!

The Secret Society - Richard Broom Photography
The Secret Society – Richard Broom Photography

The meaning of ‘GR’

If you visit the United Kingdom and see a post box (like the one below) with ‘GR’ on the front, this means that the postbox was installed during the reign of King George V (1910-1936). In those days we British folk used to build thing that would last for a long time. The ‘G’ stands for George of course and the ‘R’ stands for Rex (Latin for King).

The post box below is still very much in service and it is located near to Banff High Street and long may it remain there. Let’s hope this post box and many other things can survive the complete pillock who is currently living at No 10 Downing Street.

The Coastal Defences (2)

It takes more a little more than a King Canute type approach to hold back the tides and the sometime furious seas here in Banff, Scotland. Ironically, we have a number of politicians about us these days who think they have supernatural powers – but, it turns out, like Canute – they do not!! It is quiet clear (especially from the image below) that, thankfully, our coastal defences are more effective and in much better shape than the grubby crop of duplicitous politicians we have to put up with these days…

The Coastal Defences (2) - Richard Broom Photography
The Coastal Defences (2) – Richard Broom Photography
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