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The Oak Processionary Moth

We’ve spotted a number of these ‘nests’ made by the Oak Processionary Moths in nearby oak trees here in the Netherlands. We’ve never seen them ever before. That’s global warming for you Mr Trump!!!

But, before blaming Mr Trump too much, it looks like we British might be responsible for introducing this particular (and toxic) pest into Europe. More information here.

The Oak Processionary Moth - Richard Broom Photography
The Oak Processionary Moth – Richard Broom Photography

The Pooch

Our dog, Katy, who just loves sniffing around in the grass. Katy is a Dutch breed of dog known as Fryske Stabij or Stabyhoun. Dog’s like Katy are meant to be excellent at catching moles and rats. It is fair to say that Katy has never caught anything in her life! It has been said that a Stabyhoun is “not an expert at any particular skill.” That about sums it up and we have a dog with no skills whatsoever unless you consider finding and ripping tissue (especially kitchen paper towels) into a million pieces for no apparent reason to be a skill.

Katy – Richard Broom Photography
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