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The Bulbous Bow

AKA the front bit…

The Bulbous Bow - Richard Broom Photography
The Bulbous Bow – Richard Broom Photography

6 Responses to “The Bulbous Bow”

  1. John

    I wonder if those protrusions are intended to give lift to the bow?

  2. John

    That’s my take. I despise our spellings of some words, Richard. There was never a good reason for why we spell Stabilise with a Z, or Zed. So dumb!

  3. John

    I occasionally add a U or other letters where I think they should be, my spell check app never likes that! There simply never was one good reason to make them spelled incorrectly, Richard. We are in many ways the same people. We may as well kick WashinKton to the curb and become British! ❤️🇬🇧

  4. Richard Broom Photography

    Oh wow John! You speak TREASON!!! Oddly enough, I am quite ashamed to be British at the moment. This dreadful government of ours: bunch of liars and crooks. They are steadily destroying this country. They need to go and go soon!

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