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The Pleasure Machine

The Pleasure Machine - Richard Broom Photography
The Pleasure Machine – Richard Broom Photography

8 Responses to “The Pleasure Machine”

  1. John

    The rubber machine, we have those stupid things too. Usually located in the men’s room… 😂

  2. Richard Broom Photography

    Interestingly, they have a bowl of condoms in our local pharmacy and people can take them, free of charge. With disease and unwanted pregnancy in mind, I believe this makes a great deal of sense. We heard recently about ‘super gonorrhoea’ arriving in our country – that’s nothing to clap about! We have a high rate of teenage pregnancies in the UK and whilst providing birth control facilities in schools would be controversial, it might help youngster to avoid mishaps which would dramatically alter the course of their young lives. As my grandmother used to say…’many a slip twixt cup and lip!’

  3. John

    Our culture is so full of sex everywhere you look, is it any surprise? Not good.

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