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The Woman And Her Dog

The Woman And Her Dog - Richard Broom Photography
The Woman And Her Dog – Richard Broom Photography

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  1. Richard Broom Photography

    We normally both take the dog out for a walk in the morning and afternoons (a most demanding dog) but, occasionally it is just me and the dog. We walk in the woods and that is better than any paid therapy. A good time to wander around aimlessly and clear your muddled thoughts. I read this recently ‘
    Stroking a pet can have a calming effect on both owner and animal. It can help lower the heart rate and promotes the release of oxytocin – the same hormone that is elicited when a mother looks or touches her baby.’ Quite clearly, dogs are less expensive and greatly more beneficial than psychiatrists or ‘trick cyclists’ as my father used to call them. Better also than tranquillisers (that might. be tranquillizers where you live John!)

  2. Richard Broom Photography

    They’ve got me on blood thinners now. I suppose it had to come. But….I have discovered goji berries and have them with porridge (oatmeal) in the morning. Goji berries. Lots of exaggerated claims and the odd law suit involving goji berries but I do enjoy eating them! My change of diet and loss of weight has resulted in my blood numbers moving in the right direction. Getting old just isn’t for sissies!

  3. John

    I’m glad that your BP is good. I have been taking 81mg baby asperin since 2002. Doctor told me that is for the rest of my life. My BP is chronically high. Those berries sound like a fad thing, Richard.

  4. John

    Joy? 😂 Sometimes it’s a real pain in the arse, Richard. Doctor visits, tests, and expensive medications too. Our medical system is a joke but I do really like my GP, a great guy and doctor.

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