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The Next Example of Artificial Intelligence Skullduggery

Now, as far as I know, the famous Austrian artist, Gustav Klimt (1862-19180), had no particular interest in motorbikes (motorcycles if you’re in the US) but, if he did, he might have included more motorbikes in his images (he didn’t include any motorbikes in his paintings – ever!).

And so, I have asked the Artificial Intelligence engine, Stable Diffusion, to imagine what Klimt’s paintings would have looked like if he had been a true motorbike enthusiast. Apologies to lovers of Klimt’s work everywhere and also apologies to all art lovers. Shameful behaviour I know but so much fun!

To look at one of Klimt’s most famous paintings – The Kiss, click here (Klimt did not have access to Artificial Intelligence websites…but…imagine if he did!?). Doubtless he’ll be spinning in his grave…

Click here for the SLIDESHOW

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