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The Puffed-up Chicken

These chickens puff themselves up when it gets a bit nippy…

The Puffed-up Chicken - Richard Broom Photography
The Puffed-up Chicken – Richard Broom Photography

4 Responses to “The Puffed-up Chicken”

  1. John

    It’s funny how some birds look so round, Richard. There isn’t much meat on that chicken! 😂

  2. Richard Broom Photography

    When it is cold, the ‘fluff up’. Where we take the dog for a walk in the morning, the birds get fed by other people and so they are quite tame (the will settle on your hand and take food)…..great photographic subjects – if only they would sit still!!! I’ve been trying to get a shot of a tame pheasant who shows up from time to time but, every time I take the camera, the pheasant goes into hiding. The lot of a photographer I think!

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