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The Leavers

Migratory birds leaving the UK. Can you blame them? The UK Conservative Party has turned the UK into a failed state. Our services (NHS, transport, energy, schools etc. etc.) have been wrecked by the Conservative Party’s failed agenda. The UK Conservative Party has lost control of the economy. Brexit has been a disaster and desperately helpless immigrants are drowning in the English Channel. I predict a riot!

The Leavers - Richard Broom Photography
The Leavers – Richard Broom Photography

10 Responses to “The Leavers”

  1. John

    I hope that you are very wrong, Richard, nobody wants a riot. People are drowning in the English Channel? Are they escaping Ukraine? I know that that country is not near the channel.

  2. Richard Broom Photography

    Hello John. Most of the illegal migrants come from sub-Saharan Africa and countries with rogue regimes. They are desperate people. Crossing the English Channel in a small boat is and never has been a good idea – especially in the winter. Ukrainians, like our two girls, are given permission to come to the UK and stay here for three years. Let’s hope the war in the Ukraine comes to an end well before three years but the prognosis is not good. Until Putin goes, it looks as though the war will continue. Our girls (now back in Kharkiv) are still being bombed by the Russians. Putin has really lost the plot.

  3. John

    I don’t understand why the international community has not done something to put this new Hitler out of business! Pure evil.

  4. John

    Pray to God for sanity for the whole damn planet, Richard. I always sleep well.

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