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The Door

Straight out of Harry Potter!

The Door - Richard Broom Photography
The Door – Richard Broom Photography

10 Responses to “The Door”

  1. John

    That’s a beautiful door, Richard! Like from a scene in a movie about the medieval days.

  2. John

    Sorry, I never touch liquor, bad memories from the 80s! Do you mean whiskey? We add the letter E most of the time. 😂

  3. John

    Really! 😂 Neither do I, Richard. And, I’ll tell you why I never, ever touch liquor – bad memories from the 1980s. When you could never forget puking in a friend’s room at a party, then are taken home by the police? Forget it, man. My folks weren’t overjoyed…

    Another time I was at a house party and once again drinking rum, I launched my fist through the living room wall and made a dandy hole. My buddy Joe and I hightailed it out of that place. His (Scott’s) folks weren’t overjoyed!

    But, I’ll have a pint with ya! 🍻😂

  4. Richard Broom Photography

    Ah…but you Americans don’t seem to like our warm English beer! And yes, Whisky or Whiskey can give you a powerful hangover. I’m more of a brandy man myself and like Greek brandy – Metaxa. And Metaxa can give you a powerful hangover too!

  5. John

    I have never drank a warm beer, that would take some getting used to! You must have cold beer too…

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