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The Dog

The Dog - Richard Broom Photography
The Dog – Richard Broom Photography

14 Responses to “The Dog”

  1. John

    I have two main apps I use and you could say I am addicted to them!

  2. Richard Broom Photography

    I’ve start to use Affinity programmes for some of my editing. Also now using Apple Motion and Apple Final Cut Pro instead of Adobe products. I spend far too much money on software!!! I wondering what is going on with Twitter but never use it and so just curious. Watching your latest space (moon) shot with great interest. A great achievement. Looking forward to seeing people back on the moon.

  3. John

    I will have to look up these apps, never heard of them. We are on opposite sides of the fence, Richard, when it comes to space programs. The money wasted on that crap should be spent on helping people, not trying to go to dead worlds like the moon or Mars.

  4. John

    Colossal indeed. I use the S or C interchangeably in some words. Our spellings should be the same as the UK spellings, I don’t like the differences.

  5. John

    Me too with certain words, I’ll be 62 next month which won’t help haha! 😬

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