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The British Conservative party (a bag of putrid worms!)

The Conservative party – about as attractive as a box full of rotting maggots! They make me ashamed to be British.

The British Conservative party (a bag of worms!) - Richard Broom Photography
The British Conservative party (a bag of worms!) – Richard Broom Photography

12 Responses to “The British Conservative party (a bag of putrid worms!)”

  1. John

    Sorry about this, Richard. We do not have a Conservative party, but I have always considered myself to be a conservative. I’m also a registered Republican.

  2. GP

    I admit, I don’t know as much about your government as I should, but it sounds like your worms are in competition with my Congress idiots.

  3. Richard Broom Photography

    Well, our Conservative party (I used to vote Conservative) in complete turmoil at the moment. To say they have lost the plot is something of an understatement. The larger problem is, the other political parties are none-too attractive either. None of them are worthy of my vote. They’re a bunch of shape-shifting creeps, liars, cheats, crooks, villains and lickspittles. Oh, and another one of them is up for sexual impropriety. It pisses me off that the taxes I pay go towards paying these fuckwits!!!

  4. John

    I too am sick of paying taxes only to see the money spent on evil deeds by our evil government. It’s a trap that you can’t escape. Don’t pay the king in the White House, they take your home, garnish your wages or put you in prison. Nothing has changed since we left our mother country. Evil is everywhere.

  5. Richard Broom Photography

    Yup….whilst in this instance, I am attacking our Conservative party, the reality is, I have no faith in the political classes right across the board. The promise everything and deliver nothing. They are incapable of answering straight forward questions and they all seem to have their noses in the trough. We need a massive reset but I don’t think that’s at all likely. The political class in this country are getting too much out of it and so they are unlikely to give it all up. They also don’t seem to recognise that the world is in crisis but they’re too busy raking in the cash to take notice. To say they disappoint me is a massive understatement. I don’t believe I am alone in my thinking.

  6. John

    You are absolutely not alone in your thinking, Richard. I agree 100% about our sorry losers in that stupid white house. I cheer when I see it smashed in those science-fiction movies.

  7. Richard Broom Photography

    It’s a strange thing isn’t it. We elect them to look after us but all they do is take care of themselves. We are just the vehicle that enables their greed. The political class over here sicken me. I truly resent my tax money being used to pay those losers and wasters.

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