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The Ukrainian Girl Visits Portsoy, Scotland

Our guest visits Portsoy on a beautiful afternoon…

The Ukrainian Girl Visits Portsoy, Scotland – Richard Broom Photography

8 Responses to “The Ukrainian Girl Visits Portsoy, Scotland”

  1. Richard Broom Photography

    …and they are keeping me endlessly entertained. I’m not allowed in the kitchen – at all! And yes, they are safe here but they worry about their family back in the Ukraine. The Russian atrocities are equal to anything the Nazis did during WW2. War is brutal. Putin is completely mad – surely this fellow Russians can see this? And, if they can, they seem powerless to remove this truly evil man. I think we’re slowly creeping towards World War 3. I better dig out my tin hat and service revolver!!!

  2. John

    I think you are right about WW3, Richard. It’s in the Bible. Why can’t the Russian people get rid of this mad man? Pure evil, the next Hitler.

  3. Richard Broom Photography

    …and now reports of nuclear weapons heading for the Ukrainian border (not proven I believe). It’s rather like the period before the invasion. ‘I’m not going to do it…I’m not going to do it…but, oh yes, I’m going to do it.’ Are we really going to sit here and let that madman explode a nuclear device?

  4. John

    Well, we know where we are going when we leave this sad place.

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