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The Future of the Ukraine and Scotland

Two beautiful young girls, both aged 16. One of the girls from Scotland, the other from the Ukraine. Both have their futures ahead of them. They have been brought together in Scotland by a brutal war brought about by a man who is now, it is clear, completely unhinged. What right has Putin to destroy the hopes and dreams of young people in the Ukraine and other places?

The Future of the Ukraine and Scotland – Richard Broom Photography

The Ukrainian Party

A bit of a party here last night for our guests from the Ukraine. A good time was had by all. Our thoughts, though, were and are very much with the people who remain in the Ukraine.

The image below represents the beginning of a deep, warm and lasting relationship between the people Scotland and the people of the Ukraine. Apart from anything else, the Scots and the Ukrainians make fine drinking partners!!!

The Ikea Shambles

For the first and last time, I visited Ikea in Southampton this afternoon. I booked a ‘click and collect’ pick-up and oh my, what an utter shambles it was. Hopeless uncommunicative staff moving at a glacial pace (if they are there at all – see the picture of the empty ‘click and collect’ room). They sent me an email telling you that my pick-up is ready and then, when you arrive, you have to wait, and wait, and wait, and wait. An so, goodbye Ikea, you will never see me again!

Ikea’s empty click and collect hall – everyone kept waiting.
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