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The Cycle Path Question

Why is it, I have to ask, that in the Netherlands they have miles of really good cycle tracks whilst here in the UK we have hardly any that even begin to compare with the cycle tracks they have in the Netherlands. Could it be something to do with having a completely useless, weak, corrupt and currently paralysed Conservative government in power? Perhaps the Dutch government could tell the British government how to run a country. I never thought I would end up despising the Conservative Party…but, well, here we are!

The Cycle Path Question - Richard Broom Photography
The Cycle Path Question – Richard Broom Photography

7 Responses to “The Cycle Path Question”

  1. Richard Broom Photography

    We are so tempted but Brexit messed things up for us. Brexit is working out so badly for us and any sensible politician would admit to it and do something about it but, oh my, our politicians (all colours) are completely hopeless….I despair!

  2. John

    that really sucks. Brexit made it more difficult for you guys to go back? What a mess. As an American on the outside of this, I never liked the idea of a union like that or the UK using Euros. Stick to the Pounds and shillings!

  3. Richard Broom Photography

    It might have worked out better if we didn’t have a bunch of complete idiots in our pathetic and currently paralysed government. There’s nothing worse than executing a plan that hasn’t been properly thought through and its hard to believe the current British government is a useless as it is. Not only that, they are corrupt. Boris Fuckwit Johnson’s government has turned the UK into a banana republic. Our other problem is that the opposition party isn’t impressive either. We are led by donkeys!!!

  4. John

    I see, I heard nothing but bad about that Boris fella from others too. I am a Republican but have always considered myself a Conservative. Our DemoCrap party should be in prison, what a bunch on America-hating arseholes! Biden is such a fricking asshole!

  5. Richard Broom Photography

    I used to vote Conservative. I’ve never been a fan of Labour (similar to your Democrats) but I have come to despise the Conservatives – hopelessly corrupt. I have nobody to vote for at the moment. They are all hopeless!

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