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The Log Jam (the state of UK politics)

This log jam represents British politics. Never before in the field of British politics has so much been fucked up for so many by so few!! British politicians – not a good one among ’em. I’d rather trust a snake oil seller. British politicians should be hanging their sorry heads in shame. Indeed, they make us ashamed to be British. As for Liz Truss….is this really the best politics has to offer? I despair!

The Log Jam (the English of UK politics) - Richard Broom Photography
The Log Jam (the English of UK politics) – Richard Broom Photography

10 Responses to “The Log Jam (the state of UK politics)”

  1. John

    I’m afraid that we have the same dort of bullshit over here, Richard. Biden is doing his best to destroy our economy and country, Democraps are evil!

  2. Richard Broom Photography

    It’s kind of reversed over here. The ruling Conservative party (the party of disgraced Prime Minister Boris Johnson) is similar to your Republican Party. They have completely lost the plot. But, the equivalent of your Democratic Party is our Labour Party and they are, as far as I am concerned, deeply unimpressive too. We are faced with something we call Hobson’s choice (in other words, no choice at all). We have small parties in the middle of the two larger parties but they don’t have much clout. Here in Scotland, the Scottish National Party is the largest political party. They are pushing hard for an independent Scotland. This does makes some sense to me because I look across our border towards England and I seem a complete shambles whichever way you look. I’m not sure what full independence would mean for Scotland. Sue and I were very sad to leave the European Union (but then we did live in Holland) and, whichever way you cut it, Brexit hasn’t done us any good. Time will tell. The world is in an unholy mess and if we don’t get some sensible politicians on the job soon, then global war is becoming highly likely. It might soon be time to put your head between your knees and kiss your sweet ass goodbye!!! I feel very sorry for young folk who are going to have to live through all the crap that is coming our way. Whilst I am very pleased to see the back of the serial liar Boris Johnson, his likely successor, Liz Truss, is just another fantasist who is ill-equipped intellectually and temperamentally to lead our country. She is a walking, talking disaster site! The End is Nigh!

  3. John

    Wow, that’s really terrible, Richard! I think WW3 is inevitable. All because theses politicians can’t make sound decisions. I think it’s time we put real people in these positions, members of the public. We are not career politicians who seek to line their own pockets. I absolutely despise Biden, he is evil and running my country into the ground! I hope the stuoid Millenials are happy. They are not seeing the utopia they thought they would get with old Joe who should be in an old folks home.

  4. John

    As a Christian, I believe what the Bible tells me about the end times, things will get much worse before they get better.

  5. John

    Feel free to delete this comment, Richard, but to hell with China!

  6. alphaandomega21

    Biden has lost the plot entirely but then he had lost it before he was “elected”.

    WW3 started a while back, only a war of words rather than guns, tanks and planes.

    I write quite a bit about Joe ‘Anyone seen my brain’ Biden.

  7. Richard Broom Photography

    We are living in a very worrying times. Let’s hope some fruitcake doesn’t fire off a nuclear weapon. That said, I’m starting to think it is not if any more, it’s when. Incoming!!!

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