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The News Crew

The News Crew - Richard Broom Photography
The News Crew – Richard Broom Photography

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    I wish I could say it was. The politics in the UK have turned to rat shit. The politicians (from whichever political party) are deeply unimpressive and most of them seem to have their noses in the trough. I think it fair to say that trust in UK politicians is at an all time low. But, at least Boris Johnson is on his way out and good riddance to him!!! But, the choice of our next Prime Minister is between dumb and dumber. I really fear for this country! We’re getting a constant flow of scandals and lies from the very people who were should be able to trust. What an unwholesome bunch of lickspittles they are. Not a good one among ’em!! There’s never a bloodless coup when you want one!!! The current government (and I used that word laughingly) had turned the UK into a banana republic. We’re looking at wall-to-wall strikes in the coming months and we’re an centimetre (metric over here!) away from civil unrest. Stop the country. I want to get off!!!

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