This old heart of mine…

We are very are so very lucky in the UK that we have a National Health Service (NHS)and, this week, I underwent a cardiac operation (an ablation) where the doctor inserted a catheter into my leg and pushed it through my artery then up into my heart and, using radio frequency, burned away some nerve endings that were causing my heart to beat in an irregular way. The NHS service is free at the point of delivery in the UK. We pay for the service through our taxes over our working life. This means that I had nothing to pay after what I saw as a hugely complicated procedure involving a number of highly trained medical staff and some interesting (and presumably expensive) technology. I could not be more grateful to the NHS staff at Aberdeen Royal Infirmary who looked after me so very well. I can’t help wondering what the ablation procedure would cost if I lived in a country where these things have to be paid for. For the moment my ticker is ticking away quite nicely.

This old heart of mine - Richard Broom Photography
This old heart of mine – Richard Broom Photography

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