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Calling Poland – Ukrainian Crisis

I see people from Poland are looking at my blog (from Flag Counter)

Like thousands of other people in the United Kingdom, we are offering the spare room of our house to refugees from the Ukraine. Our British Government is moving at a very slow pace and, until we can identify a refugee from the Ukraine in Poland (or any country near to the Ukraine), we cannot start arranging travel for these people. In fact, I feel ashamed to be British when I see what Boris Johnson is failing to do (all talk, no action and lies, lies, lies).

And so, if you are in Poland and if you can put us in touch with an agency/NGO who is trying to find accommodation for refugees in the UK (Scotland), then please send me an email at and we will do our best. We have one spare bedroom, it would suit mother/child or older couple (senior citizens?). Naturally, we would NOT be charging rent for the use of our room. We want to help.

2 Responses to “Calling Poland – Ukrainian Crisis”

  1. John

    God bless you, Richard! I can understand why you feel ashamed. 🙏🏻

  2. Richard Broom Photography

    Thanks John. All we seem to get from Boris Johnson is bluster and hot air. The man is a complete clown and he shames us on the International Stage.

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