The Annoyingly Talkative Woman on the Train

Join me on a train where, unfortunately, I found myself sitting next to an annoyingly talkative woman who spent over an hour talking unrelentingly into her mobile telephone, and my ear. Later in her conversation (I have spared you), the woman went on to give some highly personal details about people she worked with (names, departments, the lot). I can only assume she didn’t realise other people on the train could hear her every word (loud and clear!). All I was trying to do was record train sound effects…instead, I had to put up with an appallingly unpleasant blabbermouth! This unappealing woman was the audio equivalent of a photo-bomb. I have two words for her – live mic!

The Annoyingly Talkative Woman on the Train
The Annoyingly Talkative Woman on the Train – Richard Broom Photography

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  1. John – John is a Michigan native, 61 years young and retired. I've been using WordPress since 2000 with various websites, both self-hosted and on the side. I enjoy WordPress and Instagram. Thanks for visiting my humble photoblog.
    John says:

    How annoying! I have encountered people like this in different places where they talk so damn loud that I just wanna smack them upside the head! But of course, I never do that… Why are some folks so rude!

  2. Yes. Extraordinarily indiscreet (and especially later on). I’m not sure if talking in her loud voice made her feel more important. When she eventually hung up (after an hour), a passenger opposite muttered ‘Thank God for that…’ and received a very stoney stare from telephone woman. During the call, she spoke openly (and loudly) about a member of staff at her company, who she named, and about taking disciplinary action against her. On the bright side, it was a relatively short journey.

  3. I wonder about this. I never take or make calls whilst sitting on a train. I turn my telephone off. The day they allow telephone calls from an aircraft, I will stop flying (or jump out the door!).

  4. I think my ears started to bleed!

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