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The London Underground Station

Why not join me on the platform of a London Underground (the Tube) station. There’s an PA announcement at around 1 minute and 5 seconds.

London Underground Station Sounds

4 Responses to “The London Underground Station”

  1. John

    That was fun to listen to, Richard, we are a very chatty species aren’t we? 🇬🇧

  2. Richard Broom Photography

    Oddly, when I worked in London, people on the tube trains don’t talk much. But then everyone who works in London have places to go, people to see. I think New York might be similar. I could never live in the city again. Up here in Scotland, when out walking, passers by always talk. The phrase we here often is ‘Bonny Day.’

  3. John

    I do miss my Michigan home in the country, Richard, but Vegas is so different, I love it here sans the damn traffic!

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