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The Waitress

The Waitress - Richard Broom Photography
The Waitress – Richard Broom Photography

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  1. Richard Broom Photography

    Hello John. I’m experimenting (you might have noticed!) with the Photoshop neural filter. This is where you take one photograph and apply its style to another photograph. It’s hard to know how the photograph subjected to the filter will turn out but its fun beating up on a perfectly innocent photograph. Just a bit of fun really. I’m too lazy to do anything truly constructive today. I have a ‘to do’ list a mile long. I’m currently ignoring it. Was planning to go on the air today but the top section of my vertical has blown off again. I need a better engineering solution. I had an interesting chat on 2 metres on the way down to Southampton with an American chap who had somehow comes across the Atlantic on some kind of digital link. I wasn’t aware people could do that. I really must get up to speed with Amateur Radio!!

  2. John

    What kind of Vertical are you running on HF? That digital stuff is super popular here on UHF repeaters but I want nothing to do with it. Other than tropospheric ducting, I have no idea how he made the trip to Scotland from over here.

  3. Richard Broom Photography

    The vertical in the garden (yard!) is a hustler all band affair but the top bit keeps getting blown off when we have a storm. Need to fix that somehow. I don’t spend too much time on HF at the moment (other projects (yawn). I have a 2m and 70cm transceiver in the van but hardly any activity here about (we are in the far north of Scotland!). I keep meaning to find out more about digital modes and how they work but never get around to it. I’ll do it when I retire. Oh…I am retired!!! And, although retired (I’ve given up the harbour work), I’ll still do the training work if it comes in. The Covid restrictions are slowly being lifted over here and so things might be returning to normal. The political situation over her has gone all the s**t. I’m not quite sure who is running the country at the moment but it certainly isn’t our elected officials. What next I wonder. I think the chap coming in from the US must have come over on an Internet connection. He sounded like the Sheriff out of Smokey and the Bandit (Jackie Gleason?) and so I think he might have been from the deep south – y’all. Another busy week coming up. No peace for the wicked!! Trust all is well over there in Nevada. R

  4. John

    All is well, thanks, it was sunny and 61F today! I occasionally say Y’all too! I say to hell with the politicians, let the real people run the country! In my view, if it’s coming your way via the internet, it’s not true ham radio. I suspect that you won’t be too impressed with the new digital modes. I don’t know what frequencies you use there for 2 meters and 70CM. The band plan may be a little different.

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