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The Castle

Findlater Castle, Aberdeenshire, Scotland. Built in the 1400s, abandoned in the 1600s. One owner, Sir John Gordon, fell out with Mary Queen of Scots and she had his head chopped off (I bet that hurt). Later, Queen Elizabeth 1 of England did to Mary Queen of Scots what Mary did to Sir John Gordon. It surely didn’t pay to upset people way back then! Off with their heads! Ouch!

The Castle – Richard Broom Photography

3 Responses to “The Castle”

  1. John

    What happened to the rest of the castle? Did it slide into the ocean?

  2. Richard Broom Photography

    Findlater Castle was gradually eaten away by the weather. It was built in the 1200s but probably the primary reason for it falling away was that the castle was abandoned and it then fell into disrepair. But some fabulous stories about the castle including: ‘The previous Laird of Findlater, an Ogilvy, had been a Master of Household to Mary of Guise. He lost his inheritance following sexual misconduct with his mother-in-law and making a plan to imprison his father in a cellar to deprive him of sleep and drive him insane to obtain his lands.’ There are quite a few derelict castles up here in Scotland and a great many castles which are fine and where people still live. Scotland soaked in history (some of it violent). More about Findlater Castle and it’s rich history here: – We’ll take you there when you come over John!

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