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The Coca-Cola Bottle

Maybe better if we went back to glass bottles?

The Coca-Cola Bottle

The Coca-Cola Bottle – Richard Broom Photography

4 Responses to “The Coca-Cola Bottle”

  1. Richard Broom Photography

    The cans I see most often just lying around everywhere are Red Bull cans. Not unusual to see them lying on the ground within a few metres of a litter bin. When I was a youngster, littering was a serious offence – often leading to a ‘clip around the ear hole!’

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  2. John

    People are pigs today! There are face masks on the ground today, the new cigarette butt. Stupid.


  3. Richard Broom Photography

    I’m old enough to remember a time before canned drinks. Drinks came in glass bottles and, when you took the empty bottle (washed of course) back to the shop, they would return a small deposit. This scheme was an incentive for us youngsters to go out and volunteer to take empty bottles back to the shop and earn a few pennies. Perhaps we should get back to that kind of scheme. I don’t expect we will, I think the drinks manufacturers like the throw-away idea. It saves them both time and money. Such a waste.


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