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The Toilet Seat Growth (today’s question)

We were up in the Scottish hills this morning where a number of trees have been cut down (to allow others more space to grow we think). We noticed this strange wooden-like growth (shaped like a toilet seat) growing around the top of the tree stump. Appropriately brown! We’re not quite sure what causes this growth. It is solid and is not some kind of fungus. We noticed the ‘toilet seat’ on several tree stumps. What are these growths? That question has got us stumped too. Anyone know the answer?

The Toilet Seat Growth (today's question)
The Toilet Seat Growth (today’s question) – Richard Broom Photography

4 Responses to “The Toilet Seat Growth (today’s question)”

  1. fibersinatwist

    I wouldn’t go so far as to say I know for sure, but that looks very much like the growth I’ve seen where large limbs of oak trees were removed. It’s more or less scar tissue where the tree sets out to repair the damage. I would imagine the stumps don’t die immediately after cutting unless they’re drilled out or poisoned, as they do still have roots; I’ve seen new growth sprouting from them before. So that might also be what’s left of the tree trying to heal.


  2. Richard Broom Photography

    Many thanks for your answer and sorry for the delay in responding. We’re guess that the trees in the forests up here in Scotland are thinned out but they seem to leave the stumps in place. They seem to get covered in mould and then rot away. They also seem to be leaving a large number of felled trees where they fall. Good for insects I think. I wish I knew more about botany!!


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