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The Video Squirt (No.6) – The Cliff Walk

Another 30 seconds worth of Scotland..

8 Responses to “The Video Squirt (No.6) – The Cliff Walk”

  1. John

    Very radically different! Our temps are heating up slowly, it’s going to hit 93F today. Soon to be 115 !!

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  2. John

    Wow, stay warm and dry! You are so much further north from where I am. A long way!


  3. Richard Broom Photography

    And we’re only about 600 miles south of the Arctic Circle. It can get chilly and we very occasionally get the Northern Lights. The big bonus, being this far north, is that hardly any darkness during the summer months – but long winter nights…

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  4. John

    Wow, that’s very close the the Arctic! I saw the Northern Lights just once in Michigan in the 1990s, it was actually a bit scary! I thought they were going to hit the ground, duh.

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