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The QRM from John’s radio…

Okay. I lied about the last blog post of the year (previous post).

But, if Boris ‘pilllock‘ Johnson can lie to the world repeatedly, then so can I!!!

If you look at John’s blog post (please click here), you’ll see he’s getting QRM on 540 Khz. QRM is radio-speak for interference or, maybe, jamming.

John is in Las Vegas and I’m in Scotland and so, I tuned to 540 Khz on my radio to see what I would receive here on the fashionable side of the North Atlantic. And what I get on 540 Khz is a station broadcasting in a language I do not recognise. Please take a listen to the video below. If anyone knows the cause of John’s interference (I wonder about his ceiling fan!), or the language recorded in my video below, please do let us know.

Happy New Year again. This might really be my past blog post of 2020. Let’s hope for a wonderful 2021.

STOP PRESS. I just found this.

2 Responses to “The QRM from John’s radio…”

  1. John

    Richard, thank you for the writeup! It’s not my ceiling fans, I have five in the house, they are all new and all the same and use DC to drive the blades. I have heard this same interferience on the shortwave broadcasting frequencies too so why would it be on 540khz? So weird man…


  2. Richard Broom Photography

    Radio…..I’ve been around it all my life and still don’t understand it. It’s all Harry Potter Magic to me. I haven’t been on the air recently but i’m starting to get interested in FT8 (but don’t understand that either!!!).


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